Benefits of Kiiko Matsumoto Style of Acupuncture (KMS)

1) The palpatory diagnostic methods in this style of acupuncture offer the practitioner an instant
measure as to the effectiveness of their treatment.
Both the acupuncturist and the patient will
have instant feedback as to how well the treatment is working
because the same reflexes which
are used to determine the best treatment for a patient are also the gauge by which the treatment can
be assessed.

2) Kiiko Style acupuncture offers
a totally new way to look at patients. It combines classical Chinese
medical principles with modern pathophysiology in a way that facilitates the understanding and brings
out the best in both.

3) Within the treatment methods used in
KMS, there is a technique suitable for any patient. As a rule
needling methods are shallow and virtually painless, using the smallest gauge needles.
However, for the patient who needling is contraindicated, there are numerous non-invasive techniques
that are highly effective. The use of diodes, magnets, and other techniques give the practitioner many
options with which to treat the most difficult patient.

4) In many ways,
KMS acupuncture takes the practice of acupuncture from the ambiguous
realm of theory into the direct experience of reality
. There is no more wondering week after week
if the points you are using for their supposed actions and effects will work for the diagnosis which
seemed so plausible on paper. In this system “you treat what you feel”. If the reflex is not present, or if
specific treatment points do not significantly change the reflex quality, then some other more viable
treatment option must be found. Both the practitioner and the patient always have some immediate
indication as to the effectiveness of the treatment.

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