Statement about the history of Kiiko Matsumoto Style of Acupuncture
by Dr. Mark Seem, Ph.D., President of Tri-State College of Acupuncture

In 1984 I attended a seminar with Dr. Yoshio Manaka held at the New England School of Acupuncture
where I met Kiiko Matsumoto for the first time. She was assisting Dr. Manaka, with whom she was
training, and I was struck by her presence, her energy, and her own teaching style as she worked hard
to get to all who needed her assistance as we practiced what we were learning. I asked her if she would
teach a Japanese Acupuncture clinical seminar at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture which I founded
in Stamford Connecticut, and she came to teach as part of our Spring Intensive in 1985 when she
became a frequent guest lecturer. By 1993 Kiiko Matsumoto became a member of our core clinical
faculty, and all students were being trained with her in her clinical seminars and in the college's clinics.

I attended as many of her weekend seminars as I could, and shared my enthusiasm for her clinical
wisdom and skills, and for the generosity with which she taught all those interested in learning from her.
She and I would frequently teach in the same colleges in North America and Europe, at different times,
and it would be correct I believe to say that the face of North American and European Acupuncture was
forever changed, starting in the mid-1980's, by her teachings that derived from the Master Japanese
practitioners with whom she had studied in Japan, and whom she continued to study with every summer.

Since at least 2000 Kiiko Matsumoto's website has publicly called her approach "Kiiko Matsumoto's
Style of Acupuncture", and in 2003 she authorized Tri-State College of Acupuncture to state in its
catalog and program materials that students were being trained in "Kiiko Matsumoto (KM) Style".

Over the past year, I have become aware of at least three licensed acupuncturists who have acted on
their web sites and in the AOM professional community as if they were authorized by Kiiko Matsumoto
to teach her style, and to certify licensed acupuncturists in that style. This lead to numerous meetings
where Kiiko Matsumoto Sensei and I deliberated on how to protect against such unauthorized activities,
and the college took swift and decisive action to insure that no such teaching by any of its faculty would
be tolerated. In this process, Sensei Matsumoto generously agreed to take on oversight of all KM Style
Acupuncture Clinical Practice, KM Grand Rounds and KM Community Clinical Rotations to insure that
her style is taught and practiced in the manner in which she intended.

While it is easy for unauthorized individuals to make YouTube Videos and web-site statements where it
almost sounds like they discovered Kiiko Matsumoto, and even to run their own unauthorized training
programs in her style, anyone who has known Kiiko Matsumoto for the last quarter of a century like I
have knows very well that no one discovered Kiiko Matsumoto, and no one has ever been given the
right, or possessed the clinical acumen, to speak in her name.

Like any true artist or great practitioner, Kiiko Matsumoto wrestled with her art and her practice, and
with what she learned from master practitioners, until she was ready to speak out in her own name, for
her own unique style of practice. Kiiko Matsumoto discovered KM Style, and her work is unique and
derives from her knowledge, her craft, her generous spirit.

Dr. Mark Seem, Ph.D.
Tri-State College of Acupuncture
January 23, 2011
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